Virtue matters for good government. Virtue, or moral excellence, or moral standards, exists in every organization of people because people are moral beings. It is inescapable. Morals and virtue exist in our organizations because the mechanics of morality is written on our hearts and motivates us to action.

Political parties exist to bring forward the morals and virtues of the party as defined by the party in context of platforms, planks, policies, candidates, marketing, etc.

With this understanding, let’s proceed to discuss an important differentiation between the ‘conservative’ Republican Party Minnesota and the only conservative party left in Minnesota, The Constitution Party of Minnesota.

Is licentiousness a conservative virtue?

The question set before us, do the virtues that define conservatism, life, liberty, integrity, prosperity, blessing, and freedom include licentiousness? No.

Do you know what licentiousness is? It is the tyranny that comes from no moral or matierial boundries. Freedom has boundries. And when we remove the moral and material boundries we’ll always end up in tyranny. Removing moral boundries to affirm sodomy, homosexuality as it’s called today, will lead to tyranny and the loss of freedom.

Sodomy, Homosexaul behavior, ‘gay marriage’ is LICENTIOUSNESS being exhaulted above what is true and good, above that which is morally virtuous, marriage between a man and a woman only.

“We at Log Cabin Republicans know that being a member of the LGTBQ community is something that should be celebrated – not shunned. While we believe that every adult has the intrinsic right to pursue their own happiness” Log Cabin Website

The Log Cabin Republicans exists as a group based on the specific identity of licentious sexual attractions and behaviors, namely sodomy based homosexual sexual relations and ‘marriages’ which are unnatural and outside nature’s law. They want to throw off the cords of morality to build their lives and families in their own image rather than the Creator’s. Having already decided they would have no moral boundries in human relationships – that is moral sexual and ‘marriage’ boundries are eraticated in the name of ‘freedom’. In reality they reject nature’s laws and nature’s God.

Not only do the LGBTQ community, as represented in The Log Cabin, want all political orgniazations support and tolerance for their licentiousness, they want to be celebrated which requires participating in licentiousness. Unfortunately, the Republican Party of Minnesota as a group have shown they have failed to uphold the virtues that made this country great as evidenced in their support and celebration of the Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota. Now our families, parents, and children are at risk of LGBTQ religious beliefs entering into the ethos of the ‘conservative’ Republican party.

Together, the Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota and The Republican Party of Minnesota are without moral or material restraint and thus adopting licentiousness as their virtues. The Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota exists as a specific licentious group identity, and the majority of the Republican Party of Minnesota, including he ‘conservative’ darling Jeremy Munson, support the agenda of the Log Cabin.

Log Cabin is set against our 1st Amendment, Against Parental Rights

Does promotion of the LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS, whose core identity is based in licentious homosexual sodomy, a sign of the end for the ‘conservative’ party known as the Republican Party of Minnesota. For me, it was. I had to do something different. The ‘conservative’ brand wine skin burst.

In 2020, I saw the Republican velocity toward licentiousness.

April 11, 2021, MN GOP gave up the virtue of honoring our Creator, where our inalienable rights come from, in a virtue swap embracing those who reject our Creator with the hopes to elect more ‘conservatives’.

The state is going blue, they say, and we need a big tent, they say, to stop the not because of the democrats, but because the people have lost sight of our Creator and where the blessings of liberty really come from. The LOG CABIN sodomites are not helping elect conservatives, they are helping elect compromised immoral people who promote licentiousness as freedom. No, the ‘gay marriage’ isn’t about freedom, it’s about licentiousness. No moral or material limits to life, just ‘free to do as you will’, rejecting the source of blessings and liberty – our Creator.

Christine Bolan is the treasurer of the Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota. She states it pretty clear. She doesn’t care about licentiousness, nor does she understand the founding virtues of our Republic. Sodomy is not a virtue. Freedom to sodomize your neighbor is not freedom but bondage to death and sickness.