Legislative Efforts

Director of Legislative Efforts – Christine Wiehle

1. Save Our Children Act (SOCA) – Commerce committee – filters on Internet devices to prevent sex trafficking and protect minors from harmful websites by default.

2. Social Media Accountable Censorship Act (the S.M.A.C. Act) – Judiciary Committee – falls within the exemption of 230(e)(3) CDA to protect consumers from censorship.

3. Stop W.O.K.E. Act – Education Committee – Education Committee – weaponizes the establishment clause to ban CRT in K – 12.

4. School Establishment Clause Act (SECA) – Education Committee – weaponizes the establishment clause to ban policies that promote LGBTQ orthodoxy in K – 12.

5. Time Release Educational Credit Act (TRECA) – Education Committee – a bill to get prayer back in school in a manner that does not violate the establishment clause.

6. Truth In Reporting Act (TIRA) – Judiciary Committee – creates new tort defamation in-kind regarding selective reporting by media outlets of certain cases to protect civil liberties.

7. Fight Exploitation Funding Act (FEFA) – Tax Committee – Imposes a $5 admission fee on adult establishments to be deposited into a grant fund for non-profits that fight exploitation.

8. Statutory Standing Committees-Include Federal Review.