The Constitution Party of Minnesota Calls for $7 Billion Surplus To Be Held for COVID-19 Damages

The Constitution Party of Minnesota demands the state’s $7 billion surplus should be set aside and used to repair some of the damage done to businesses and individuals by state government actions during the COVID-19 “pandemic”.

Governor Walz and his party are planning spending sprees as part of their re-election campaigns while Republicans are planning to “give the people back their money” as part of their re-election campaigns. Neither party recognizes nor is concerned about the unconstitutional acts of Walz nor the damage the government’s response to COVID-19 has done to the citizens of Minnesota

There are some doctors and available research which shows that The Minnesota state government, which includes every incumbent in both parties now campaigning to return to office, may have killed 10,000 Minnesotans during the COVID-19 “pandemic”. As happened across the rest of the nation, it is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of the people who “died from COVID” in Minnesota didn’t “die from COVID” and many may have not died if they had simply boosted their innate immunity with vitamins C, D and Zinc, and been given one of several well-known effective treatments including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

We believe the Government prescribed mitigation efforts forced upon the 10,000 Minnesotans dramatically weakened or destroyed their natural bodily immunity making them more susceptible to the virus, when they died on ventilators, when they were effectively poisoned with Remdesivir, when they contracted bacterial pneumonia from masking, and when they were denied effective medical treatments so they could be forced to vaccinate.

In spite of government and big tech attempts to stifle information, we continue to have serious constitutional concerns around forced vaccinations, coercion, and the rebranding the mRNA medical devices as “vaccines” which utilize the persons genetic systems to produce the poisonous spike protein and potential harm which might lead to death. People have the freedom in this state to commerce and employment without the threat of being ostracized for not using such an untested technology. Additionally, we cannot disregard the deaths of athletes around the world which followed injections with the mRNA treatments. Parents have also been misled and under the pressure of continual fear may have harmed their own children or introduced debilitating illnesses for the rest of their lives. All because they were compelled and coerced by state government to inject them with something for which there was absolutely no medical necessity. In addition to these harms and deaths we’ve seen other damaging side effects for which we believe will need to be followed up for years. The $7 billion dollars should be used as compensation for these Minnesotans who have been harmed.

The harm is not limited to physical harm, but also developmental harm. Our children in Minnesota who have been set back years in their development have been and continue to be harmed by the government draconian rules. Many of those children and parents will need counseling or therapy for years for which they should not be “paying the bills” for the recovery but should have access to the $7 billion dollar funds..

Minnesotans be should compensated from these funds for any medical treatments related to cancers, heart disease, diabetes and the host of other illnesses which developed and were diagnosed far too late because Governor Walz ordered “non-critical” services to be suspended. This travesty meant Minnesota Citizens were unable to get the medical attention they needed because of the lock-down. And this continues due to the shortage of medical staff caused when hospitals fired people who refused to get injected due to government vaccination mandates.

State government destroyed many businesses in the last two years. We must have a three-year tax moratorium for all surviving businesses with less than 100 employees and those who were labeled “non-essential” and lost their family business be compensated by the $7 billion fund.

We encourage the citizens of Minnesota to join the Constitution Party of Minnesota to demand the surplus money be set aside to help the victims of state government’s enforced mitigation and vaccination programs. The money must not be used by any of the incumbent in government for their re-election campaigns, being held hostage by those contributed to the harm or did nothing to prevent the harm to Minnesota.



The mission of the Constitution Party of Minnesota is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through the election, at all levels of government, of Constitution Party candidates who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and The Constitution of Minnesota. It is our goal to limit the federal government to its delegated, enumerated, Constitutional functions, and the state government to its functions.

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