WYSKM Episode 1

by Terry Larson | What You Should Know, Minnesota

What You Should Know, Minnesota

Episode 01 – 3/15/2021

21.03.15 |March Anniversary Dates | Unlawful Executive Orders | State Government Lies

Hello Minnesota. This is Terry Larson doing my first podcast for the Constitution Party of Minnesota. I am just learning how to use the tools for delivering a message like this, so the first couple may not be what you might call high production. But I wanted to get this message out to acknowledge some important anniversary dates which occurred last week, the week of March 8.

Some of the things Minnesota state government did during the week of March 8, 2020 will continue to have an impact on our lives for years to come. Prior to that week, on March 1, 2020, the rancid Star Tribune newspaper headlined “Washington Reports First Virus Death in U.S.”

As the first paragraph read, “The coronavirus claimed its first victim in the United States on Saturday as the number of cases shot up in Iran, Italy and South Korea and the spreading outbreak continued to shake the global economy.”

According to the article, “A man in his 50’s with underlying health conditions became the first coronavirus death on U.S. soil.”

Washington State’s Democrat Governor Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency after one resident, with other health conditions, died. The article, at that time, didn’t note whether the death was caused by coronavirus or the other health conditions, or how it was confirmed the deceased had coronavirus. We wouldn’t understand until months later that authorities had been lying about the causes of many of the deaths attributed to coronavirus; or that 70, 80 and sometimes even ninety percent of testing being done resulted in false positive results.

Democrat Governor Inslee ordered all state agencies to prepare and respond to what was described as an outbreak. According to the article the governor vowed, “We will continue to work toward a day where no one dies from this virus.”
Who would have thought at that time that government was responsible to ensure that no one died from a virus, that this was one of the functions of government, to prevent any deaths from a virus. Not many of us. Nobody would have thought at that time that a government response to something like a virus could cause so many deaths either.

But that’s what happened in Washington state, and I’m here to talk about Minnesota where on March 7 the rancid Star Tribune newspaper headlined, “State Has First Virus Case”. The article closed with the statement, “No vaccines or specific medications exist for COVID-19, so treatment involves standard care to lower fevers and manage respiratory symptoms.”

I thought that was interesting because in the grownup world that is really all that most healthy people had to do last year, in addition to the standard washing their hands, and not kissing random strangers on the street who were coughing. But we were directed to do a great many other things in 2020.

Now, two very important things happened on March 9 and 10. These are the first of the anniversary dates I want to acknowledge here, and I would wager that no one listening to this podcast is aware of what happened on those dates. Hence the title of my podcast series, What You Should Know, Minnesota.

We’ll go back to those two dates in a moment, as I want to first remind some of you what happened on March 13 and 15.

On Friday, March 13, KARE-11 News reported, “Governor Walz Decision to Not Close Schools is Based on Science.”

Walz said he wasn’t closing schools, and his decision not to was “based on science” as he said. He would go on for months to emphasize that his decisions were based on science, while most of them were not, but I’ll explain that at another time.

On Friday, March 13, Walz issued Emergency Executive Order 20-01, Declaring a Peacetime Emergency and Coordinating Minnesota’s Strategy to Protect Minnesotans from COVID-19. March 13 was also when President Trump declared an emergency.

On Friday, March 13, as KARE-11 News reported, Walz was trending on Twitter (like some of you may recall President Trump doing) telling Minnesotans that his “decision to keep schools open comes from top medical professionals.” He referenced a phone call to Mike Osterholm who, “in no uncertain terms says do not close schools.”

Within 48 hours, on Sunday, March 15, Walz issued Emergency Executive Order 20-02 Authorizing and Directing the Commissioner of Education to Temporarily Close Schools to Plan for a Safe Educational Environment.

I guess whether this is confusing comes down to your definition of what it means to close schools. On Friday when Walz said he wasn’t closing schools that didn’t mean he might not temporarily close schools, which is what he did on Sunday. He was obviously planning to temporarily close schools on Sunday, when he told Minnesotans on Friday that he wasn’t going to close schools; because there’s no way the decision to order a temporary closure could have been made on Friday night, and the four page detailed order written and signed on Sunday otherwise.

For parents and other normal grownups, closing schools meant sending our kids home from school. We pay taxes and teacher’s salaries to have our kids in the buildings we pay for; when our kids are sent home, the schools are considered closed, whether or not administrators and teachers are still being paid to occupy the buildings.

On March 25, Walz would issue Emergency Executive Order 20-19, Authorizing and Directing the Commissioner of Education to Implement a Distance Learning Period and Continue to Provide a Safe Learning Environment for Minnesota’s Students. Here again, Walz apparently wasn’t closing schools, but he was sending kids home from schools which, for parents and kids, meant closing schools.

Now, I may just be nitpicking here, and I think we can say that Walz and parents may have had different definitions of what it meant to close schools. In the end, it doesn’t matter anyway because, What You Should Know, Minnesota, is that Walz had no authority whatsoever to direct Minnesota schools to close. His executive orders closing Minnesota schools, or directing Minnesota schools to temporarily close and directing Minnesota schools to Implement a Distance Learning Period as he preferred to put it—these orders were unlawful, they were not legal, he did not have any constitutional or statutory authority at all to issue those executive orders, and the citizens of Minnesota were therefore not obligated to obey those executive orders.

A year later, I wonder if parents in Minnesota even know why their kids were not allowed to return to fulltime, normal school in 2020. Many kids will take years to recover from the damage done to them by Walz’s executive orders which forced them into distance learning. Kids who wanted to earn scholarships for college didn’t engage in sports, kids didn’t have proms or graduation ceremonies; many kids across the nation, which likely included Minnesota, never participated in distance learning classes at all or dropped out of school entirely.

Our kids were not allowed to have normal fulltime school for over a year because incompetent people whose salaries we pay in all three branches of Minnesota state government, Democrats and Republicans, encouraged and enabled Walz to issue unlawful executive orders closing Minnesota schools (as I’ll put it); executive orders which the federal constitution, the Constitution of the State of Minnesota, and Minnesota statutes or state laws did not allow Walz to issue. In fact our laws prohibited, they were written to prevent, governors like Walz from issuing those orders in 2020.

Which takes me back to those important anniversary dates of March 9 and March 10, and more of What You Should Know, Minnesota.

On March 9 and March 10 of 2020, two bills were introduced in the Minnesota House of Representatives. House Files No. 4326 and No. 4327 were introduced by some Democrats to change our state laws which authorize the governor to declare a peacetime emergency. These bills were read in the House to all Republican and Democrat members, and both went to committees, after which they were not advanced in the House and so did not come up for a vote.

There are situations by state law under which a Minnesota governor may declare a peacetime emergency. After a governor declares a peacetime emergency, by law he or she can issue executive orders in response to the emergency.

In 2020, the governor of Minnesota could not legally declare a peacetime emergency for a pandemic, for an infectious disease like COVID-19. Our state laws did not allow a governor to do this, in fact our state laws had been written to prevent a governor from doing this. So, on March 9 and March 10, some of our legislators tried to change our state laws to enable Walz to lawfully and legally declare a peacetime emergency because of COVID-19.

As Minnesota Statute 12.31 National Security or Peacetime Emergency; Declaration. Subd. 2. Declaration of peacetime emergency reads, “…A peacetime declaration of emergency may be declared only when an act of nature, a technological failure or malfunction, a terrorist incident, an industrial accident, a hazardous materials accident, or a civil disturbance endangers life and property and local government resources are inadequate to handle the situation.”

These two bills were introduced to add “a public health emergency” to that list of situations during which a peacetime emergency could be declared. If the law had been changed to add that, Walz could have legally and lawfully declared an emergency for the so-called COVID-19 pandemic. But the law was not changed.
Moreover, in 2005, the state legislature removed those very same words “a public health emergency” from that statute. They removed the words “a public health emergency” from the list of situations during which a peacetime emergency could be declared; and on March 9 and 10 of 2020 some legislators tried put those same words back into the law, because they knew Walz did not have the authority to declare an emergency.

In 2005, some in the legislature wisely knew that a governor should not be allowed to declare an emergency, and to issue executive orders, in the event of a public health emergency like a pandemic. A governor may, temporarily, be allowed to start issuing executive orders when something of limited scope happens, like a terrorist incident or an industrial accident, which has a clear beginning and a clear ending. Other states like Wisconsin have enacted laws which allow their governors to declare an emergency specifically for a pandemic; but not Minnesota.

What you should know, Minnesota, is that Walz’s executive orders, particularly those which enforced the mitigation efforts including locking down, social distancing, masking, testing and quarantining, and vaccinating—all those mitigation efforts caused many more deaths in Minnesota than the virus did. Across the nation, the government response to the virus caused many more deaths than the virus.

These mitigation efforts caused more deaths than they prevented. And yes, that includes the vaccinations, which appear to have the potential to cause many deaths as well.

So when you understand the deaths and the suffering caused by Walz’s COVID-19 pandemic executive orders in 2020—and mind you, some of these deaths are just beginning as when, for example, we started to see the deaths in January and February of this year from cancer, heart disease and other conditions which were not diagnosed or treated in 2020, because people were too scared of COVID to visit their doctors, or had doctors who were not seeing patients—when you understand what happened in Minnesota because of Walz’s executive orders, you can appreciate the decision which legislators made back in 2005, and you should direct your incompetent legislator today to not change those statutes so that our children and grandchildren won’t be subject to orders like those in the future, if they recover from the orders that were enforced upon them in 2020.

I will be talking about what I think you should know, Minnesota, about how the government response in Minnesota and across the nation to the pandemic caused many more deaths than the virus in later podcasts. There are a couple of other things I think you should know first about those two bills which were read in the House on March 9 and March 10.

Those two bills were written to make the same public health emergency change to the law, but the authors of the second bill also tried to create a Health Care Response Revolving Account and Loan Program so money could be spent after a public health emergency was declared. An amendment was also added to that bill to provide employee protections for people who were ordered to isolate or quarantine during a public health emergency.

At least one of the bill’s authors opined during the committee discussion of that bill that employers in Minnesota should be required to pay for employee sick leave if employees were ordered to isolate or quarantine during a public health emergency.

All Minnesotans should frankly thank God that bill was not made into law before Walz went ahead and declared his unlawful, illegal and unenforceable emergency on March 13 anyway; particularly that stupid bit about employers being forced to pay for employee sick leave resulting from government ordered quarantine and isolation.

Walz’s executive orders ended jobs and many businesses in Minnesota. Manufacturing, where I work, was crippled, but most of it continued.

About midway through the year, the Minnesota Department of Health was ordering citizens—or offering guidelines and not really closing schools as they would have put it—ordering citizens to test and quarantine. They forced so many people to quarantine that we had to lock down schools and hospitals again by the Fall because they were running short of staff. The crazies in charge in the Minnesota Department of Health wanted anyone who had possibly come into contact with anyone who might have the plague to quarantine for at least 14 days. They were also supposed to quarantine for 5 days before testing to ensure accuracy, which meant they would quarantine for 19 days even if the tests were negative. Everyone was supposed to quarantine no matter what the test results were. If people had to wait for days for test results, that meant they might quarantine for 24 maybe 25 days.

If this idiotic bill had passed, it would probably have wiped out many manufacturers in Minnesota, by forcing them to provide a month’s paid leave for all employees ordered to quarantine. And they would have probably been forced to pay for multiple quarantine periods for those employees. Idiotic bills like that could have forced meat production facilities to close as well, causing the collapse in food production and distribution the nation was headed toward more than once in 2020.

There is one other thing you should know, Minnesota, about those two bills which were read in the House of Representatives on March 9 and March 10.
Your incompetent (to say the very least) legislators in the House and many in the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, have been lying to you for over a year now.

As I’ll explain in a later podcast, there was no pandemic in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax, it was a series of lies, lies and more lies. Yes, there was a virus, and people died, although the novel coronavirus was never isolated as I understand it.

I can say this because I probably know more about the details under which the World Health Organization declared a pandemic than you do. For instance, the WHO did not even have a clear definition for a pandemic before it was declared; and it was CNN, the news organization, which actually declared a pandemic in 2020 before the WHO did.

I look forward to explaining what I think you should know about that in later podcasts.

For now, I expect that most listeners are already aware of some of the lies we were told in 2020. But I think the lying which happened in Minnesota, of all places, was worse than what happened around the rest of the country.

Your legislators, as well as people whose salaries you pay in both other branches of state government for that matter, have lied to you every day for the last year when they let you believe, when they lead you to believe, that you had to obey and follow those executive orders. They knew those orders were unlawful, they knew the governor was breaking the law when he issued those orders, and they knew you didn’t have to obey them.

While most of the little people in Minnesota went to great lengths to obey the law, losing their jobs, their businesses, and many lost their lives because they followed those executive orders, the people who rule over us in all three branches of Minnesota state government just didn’t have to bother to obey our laws.

These people broke the oaths many of them had taken to defend both constitutions when they all agreed that the governor of Minnesota was free to issue executive orders which could be directly enforced upon the citizens of Minnesota. They repeatedly allowed our constitutional rights, which are a matter of law, to be violated and denied. They destroyed the livelihoods of many of the citizens of Minnesota. They ignored, and many of them repeatedly broke, the law, while many of the citizens of Minnesota died, and others continue to suffer a year later because they obeyed the executive orders they were told were the law.

Now many of those Republican legislators who joined you in your protest events against Walz and his executive orders, and watched as you lost your jobs, your businesses and your homes because you obeyed the orders those Republicans knew you did not have to obey; those Republicans have begun campaigning on how they are going to change the laws and protect you from the Democrats if you will just elect them again in 2022.

You might ask those Republicans if they understood, a year ago, that Walz could not issue any of those executive orders. If they admit they did not understand that, if they were too incompetent to read and understand the law, you might ask them why on earth you would vote them into office again in 2022.

For questions or comments about this podcast, you can email me: terry@constitutionpartymn.com.

This has been Terry Larson with What You Should Know, Minnesota, for March 15, 2021.