WYSKM Episode 2

by Terry Larson | What You Should Know, Minnesota

What You Should Know, Minnesota

Episode 02– 3/29/2021

21.03.29 |State Government Lies | Minnesota Deaths | New Regime Vaccinations

Hello Minnesota. This is Terry Larson doing my second podcast for the Constitution Party of Minnesota. In the first episode I recognized several important anniversary dates in the week of March 8, explained the unlawful nature of Walz’s 2020 COVID-19 executive orders, and explained how many people in state government, particularly your legislators, have lied to the citizens of Minnesota for over a year now.

Your legislators in the House, and many in the Senate, knew Governor Walz could not legally declare an emergency because of the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, so they tried and failed to change state law on March 9 and 10 last year. Walz declared his emergency anyway, and your legislators lied to you when they let you believe, when they led you to believe, that you had to obey the subsequent executive orders.

While most of the little people in Minnesota went to great lengths to obey those executive orders we were told were law in 2020, losing their jobs, their businesses—and many lost their lives because they followed those executive orders—the people who rule over us in all three branches of Minnesota state government just didn’t have to bother to obey our laws.

Additionally, the citizens of Minnesota were lied to when we were told simultaneously that the lockdown had worked but we had to social distance. If the lockdown had worked to flatten the curve, which is why we were told we had to lock down, we would not have had to social distance. We were lied to when we were told the social distancing had worked, that it was effective, but we had to mask. Again, if the social distancing had worked, we would not have had to mask. In the same way we were lied to when we were told everyone had to get tested and to quarantine repeatedly, and at the same time authorities told us the social distancing and masking had worked, that it had done whatever it was supposed to do when they ordered us to do it.

In any other year, the lying by politicians who wanted to keep their offices may have been business as usual. But because we were lied to in 2020, we obeyed Walz’s unconstitutional and unlawful executive orders; and because we obeyed those executive orders, many of the citizens of Minnesota died.

I expect that since this is Minnesota, some listeners balked when I accused legislators of lying. People just don’t want to hear that kind of talk.

But if your legislator knew the state constitution and state law didn’t allow Walz to declare an emergency, and they knew they had to change the law and didn’t; then your legislator was lying to you, and knew you didn’t have to obey the orders while they watched you lose your job, your business, and your home. To add insult to injury, your Republican legislator has begun campaigning about how he or she will change our laws so the Democrats won’t be able to lock our state down again.

In my dictionary, the definition of the word kill is “to inflict or cause death”. So I’m accusing many in Minnesota state government of something worse than lying—these people killed many of the citizens of Minnesota in 2020 when they issued and enforced those executive orders upon us.

That was not their intention, but that was the effect of their actions. State government public policy killed many of us.

What you should know, Minnesota, is that these executive orders caused many more deaths than the virus did in 2020, and these orders continue to cause the deaths of Minnesotans today, and they will likely continue to cause deaths for several more years to come. This is because even if Walz’s orders are ended, many businesses have for months, and will continue to force employees to social distance, wear masks and vaccinate.

Minnesotans died because they were forced under these executive orders to engage in the government’s mitigation efforts. These efforts included lockdowns, social distancing, masking, testing, quarantining, and vaccinating. People who were in fairly good health should never have engaged in any of these efforts.

All these mitigation efforts delayed healthy people’s exposure to the virus until they were more susceptible and more likely to die from it when they got it later, because their immune systems had been compromised or weakened. Healthy people were ordered to quit their jobs and close their businesses, to isolate themselves in their homes and to live in fear. As I understand it, nothing weakens or destroys people’s immune systems more quickly than stress; and people were put under extreme stress, living for over a year in near animal-fear of a virus which couldn’t lead to death unless you were already in poor health.

People wore masks, some every waking hour, which weakened their immune systems and reduced their blood oxygenation levels. If the masks worked, they may have delayed people’s exposure to the virus long enough to enable the virus to more easily cause the disease to develop and kill them later.

Science did not direct us to engage in any of these mitigation efforts. It was Fauci, not science. We never locked down or quarantined healthy people because of a virus before. Science had not directed everyone to wear a mask to stop the spread of a respiratory virus, let alone two or three masks. We never accepted testing with a false positive rating of 50, 60 or 90 percent before. We never vaccinated absolutely everyone because of a virus before.

It was Fauci, not science, that directed us to do these things, Dr. Anthony Fauci. I will only refer to him as Fauci because I will not refer to him as a doctor because I think he is much more like a Doctor Mengele than he is like your family practitioner from whom you should get your medical advice.

In May of 2020, Jeffrey A. Tucker, Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research wrote a column titled, “Will the Politicians Admit Their Lockdown Mistake?”

As he wrote, “Considering only the losses of life from missed health care and unemployment due solely to the lockdown policy, we conservatively estimate that the national lockdown is responsible for at least 700,000 lost years of life every month, or about 1.5 million so far—already far surpassing the COVID-19 total.”

That was in May of 2020. Since then, many others have explained how the lockdowns caused many more deaths than the virus. The lockdowns should not have happened; anyone who tells you otherwise is an ignorant fool at best.

None of the other mitigation efforts should have happened either, because flattening the curve only enabled the virus to circulate longer and infect more people, to infect them later when they were at greater risk.

Dr. Deborah Birx managed to get back into the limelight again last week when she said in another MSNBC interview, “There were about 100,000 deaths that came from that original surge. All of the rest of them, in my mind, could have been mitigated or decreased substantially…”

The MSNBC report was titled, “Dr. Deborah Birx Says Thousands of U.S. Covid Deaths Were Preventable.”

Neither Birx nor the talking heads in the report explained how those deaths could have been prevented or what might have been done differently. But MSNBC played images of Trump, of course, so its thoroughly gullible viewers would understand whose fault it was those deaths were not prevented.

But MSNBC reported that the new CDC Director was warning that we are coming into another surge of COVID cases. They declared this new surge would be so much worse if we hadn’t been as successful as we have been in getting people to vaccinate. They’ve gotten much better at making predictions about this virus at MSNBC, you know.

Well, Birx was correct in what she said, by accident, because she still apparently can’t begin to grasp, or is in complete denial about, the damage done by her and Fauci’s mitigation efforts. I would agree that after those 100,000 deaths in that original surge, nearly all of the deaths which occurred in the following months could and should have been avoided.

They could have been avoided if people had not been forced to engage in those stupid mitigation efforts which rendered them more susceptible to the virus and likely to die from getting it in the following months. They could have been avoided if the progressive mainstream media had not managed to maintain such a high level of public fear about the virus even before it got here and throughout the entire year.

If the authorities had simply told people what they should have, even before the original surge, told people to talk with their doctors and take a simple blood test to see how their body’s immune system was working, and to take their doctor’s recommended dosages of Vitamins B, D and zinc; and to put a few Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin tablets in their medicine cabinet and take one of those when they first developed symptoms; most of those people would not only have survived, they would not have even gotten sick. If authorities had simply locked down the nursing homes as they should have before the virus even got here, most of those deaths would have been prevented as well.

Progressive media have been terrorizing people about the mutations or new strains of this coronavirus for weeks already, and government is moving to order us to engage in more of these suicidal mitigation efforts because the new strains will surely kill us all if we don’t. Viral mutations or new strains are usually weaker than the originals, but we are led to believe that couldn’t possibly be the case with this virus again so we must have more lockdowns, or dial back again, as the propagandists working for Walz prefer to describe it.

As I understand it, these new strains likely mutate in people who are immunocompromised, people who have weakened immune systems. The virus is able to live longer and then mutate in the body of a person who doesn’t have a healthy immune system to fight it with. The government ordered mitigation efforts provided many more immunocompromised people for the virus to infect and then mutate.

When Minnesota state government put COVID patients into nursing homes, as other states did, they weren’t just causing deaths in those nursing homes, they were probably enabling the virus to mutate and develop new strains. If that happened, then Minnesotans could be ordered to lock down, or dial back again, and we would remain stuck in this loop, obeying Walz’s executive orders until many more of us are dead.

Which brings me to the topic of the so-called COVID vaccines.

I didn’t much want to talk about how your legislators have lied to you. And I really don’t want to talk about the vaccines.

But what I think you should know, Minnesota, is that people should not take these COVID-19 vaccines.

I don’t want to talk about this, because in saying that, I am now officially an enemy of the state, the state as in the government or federal government. When I say that people should not take these vaccines, I am in the very same position other people were in during the early 1930’s when they said anything the German Nazi party thought should not be said, anything which might discredit the Nazi party.

I will have to talk more about this in later podcasts, but what you should know, Minnesota, is that our constitutional republic was ended in 2020 when nearly all Americans agreed to be ruled by executive orders. When we live under the rule of the federal or state executive branch of government, we are no longer living in a constitutional republic, we are living in a totalitarian state.

While 2020 was a nightmare for most Americans, it was a year-long dream for progressives in America, who have been working for 60 years to change our form of government. The fact is, they were attempting to overthrow our government when they tried to impeach a constitutionally, duly elected president, and steal a national election in 2020, while we were busy trying to cope with and to survive the pandemic manufactured crisis they had created.

That is a topic for another day. I only mention it now to explain why I really don’t want to talk about the vaccines. When anyone says anything against the government’s vaccine narrative, they are promptly labeled an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist, very much like people were labeled Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. People are labeled as such so they will shut their mouths.

What you should know, Minnesota, is that there are a great many people all over alternative media who are warning us not to take these vaccines. These people have been sort of “ghettoized” to the realm of alternative media, much like Jews and other enemies of the state were put in ghettoes in Poland and other countries in the 1940’s—and nothing these people say will find its way into progressive, mainstream media. You won’t read about any warnings against vaccinations—you won’t read about the number of adverse reactions reported in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (44,600 reports including 2,050 deaths and over 7,000 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and March 18, 2021 according to the Children’s Health Defense organization)—you won’t read any warnings against vaccinations in Minnesota’s rancid Star Tribune newspaper for example.

I have done everything I could as a citizen to end Walz’s COVID-19 executive orders in Minnesota since April 2, 2020. I’ve listened to countless hours of videos and podcasts on COVID-19, read news reports, commentaries, columns, lawsuits and court decisions, and books. I’ve listened to, and become very fond of, many people sharing information through alternative media around the world, probably approaching 40 people or so.

Nearly all of the doctors and other medical professionals, many of whom have worked in their fields for decades, nearly all of these people are warning us not to take these COVID vaccines.

On any day, I would much rather entrust my life and the lives of my children to the advice of someone like Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Professor Doloris Cahill, Dr. Pam Popper, Del Bigtree or Robert F. Kennedy—than someone like Fauci or one of Minnesota’s three stooges—Walz, Malcolm and Osterholm.

Experts are saying there are many ways in which these so-called vaccines could cause deaths in the next few years. As I understand it, when people get these COVID vaccinations, it may trigger a reaction in their immune systems the next time they get another coronavirus, or the next time they get an influenza or other vaccine, and they could die.

I say so-called vaccines because these are not vaccines. Do people taking them even understand that? These are experimental gene therapies you are being injected with. These are not vaccines in the sense that they prevent you from getting the virus. They do not. They may prevent you from developing some of the symptoms.

People should not take these vaccines to prevent getting symptoms, people should not be experimented on, people should not become test subjects for drugs which have not been adequately tested and proven safe, when we have medicines like Ivermectin which are very safe to use first.

If ninety-eight percent of people who get the virus survive, that suggests your body’s immune system will protect you well enough so you should not risk taking a vaccine. People are vaccinating because they think that will protect them from the virus when their own bodies have already protected them. Ask your doctor if you really should vaccinate if you’ve already had the virus.

Now let’s just say, for a moment, that some of these experts are correct and that people who take one of these COVID vaccines will have an allergic or immune system reaction the next time they catch a coronavirus which will cause death. What you should know, Minnesota, is if this happens, then this will never end, and we will all be forced into living the rest of our lives and our children’s lives in what authorities have told us will be the “New Normal” for a year now.

If people will truly die from catching a coronavirus, maybe any one of the seven or so which are always in the population, not only this so-called novel one, then we will truly have to do everything we can to prevent people from getting the virus, we will be forced to deploy mitigation efforts, people will have to mask, test and quarantine, etc. People who refuse to mask or quarantine or vaccinate will truly pose a threat to others, and compliance cannot be optional at that point.

We have been lied and lied to so that we would believe this coronavirus was a lethal one, this was a pandemic, and people would die unless we engaged in those mitigation efforts. We had to engage in those mitigation efforts to hold out for a vaccine, to save as many lives as we could as we were told until our government saviors developed a vaccine which was the only thing that could save us. In doing this we may have created the real monster. And the only way government can protect us from this one will be to continue to rule over us and control us, and this rule will be much harsher and brutal than anything we saw in 2020.

Finally, what you should know Minnesota, is that you are agreeing again to be ruled by government when you take these vaccines. Big Brother has told us since the beginning, a year ago, that we may be allowed to return to our schools, jobs, businesses and churches if we vaccinate. We will be allowed to travel freely, at least in country but likely not globally unless we have a card proving we vaccinated. Big Brother will give us these rights, which we already had and he couldn’t take from us in a constitutional republic, if we vaccinate.

We don’t get our rights from government, not in a constitutional republic anyway. But we do in this progressive, totalitarian form of government which already rules over us and is determined to continue to rule over our children and grandchildren.

For questions or comments about this podcast, you can email me: terry@constitutionpartymn.com.

This has been Terry Larson with What You Should Know, Minnesota, for March 29, 2021.